Make an Online Purchase That Matters

Our shop contains a variety of options that you can purchase, all of which will make a real difference to the lives of a disadvantaged family in Bali.  You can choose to supply basic neccessities, many of which we would take for granted, to a family that would normally go without.  Maybe you'd like to provide a family with an income earning opportunity that will benefit them for life.  You could even fund a program that will benefit the entire community. 

You will recieve an email update when your gift has been received, complete with a photograph of the recipient, so that you can see exactly who your generosity has helped.


Stuck for a Birthday, Christmas, Wedding or other gift idea?

Why not purchase a gift that will help the disadvantaged Balinese on behalf of your friend or loved one?  We will send you a free Carolia Charity card to present to them, which will detail the gift that has been given on their behalf.