Co-op Sponsorship

The aim of this programme is to give poor families in Karangasem the opportunity of a share in a small business where, for equal share of work they receive equal share of profits generated. We establish a variety of co-ops in accordance with the need/culture of each particular village. For example, flower gardens, baking industry, pig and goat farms etc. Most co-ops are set up with multiple families depending on the nature of the co-op and the anticipated profit. It is hoped in time that the families will be able to support themselves. This gives them the opportunity to do something for themselves and build confidence and self esteem within their communities.
In April 2008 and December 2008 rounds one & two of our co-operatives were initiated with great success!  We currently have 49 co-ops involving 100 families.  One of our proudest projects is that we have established a band for a group of visually impaired individuals by purchasing many instruments from drums, guitars etc to the sound effects system & microphones etc. They have called themselves "The Blind Band" and they jam at Bambangs' house every week.  They play at our sponsors dinners and in music competitions and expos in Karangasem.
In September 2010 we established round three in our co-ops program.  Another 15 families now have their own individual pig farms.  We have also set up a computer school which is managed by one of our former sponsor children.  It is hoped that the facility will be able to service computers at hotels, restaurants etc in Karangasem, provide training to their staff and also operate as a training facility for other children in our program who have an interest in computing as a career.  Children in our program will also have the opportunity to attend free classes designed to teach them basic computing and English skills.
In April 2012 we provided funding to the "Batu Aksara" Weaving Co-op in Seraya Timur.  Seraya Village is a desperately poor village in the hills of Karangasem regency. Most of the people in this village live in absolute poverty. In the majority of families the husbands/men work as traditional farmers and fishermen. They plant corn only in the raining season from March till April. In the other months the weather is very hot and dry. Usually they fish or go to the town looking for a job. Their wives/ladies work weaving baskets or mats for local markets. The name of the Co-op, “Buta Aksara”  means illiteracy.  Firstly, because a lot of people in that village are illiterate, the ladies made a study group so that they can learn to read and write. Besides this education they also weave. This co-op has a monthly meeting and the ladies weave as often as they can when they have finished cooking & taking care of their families. This co-operative will support 20 families.
In 2014 four fishing co-ops were established giving 8 desperately poor families the opportunity to work for themselves and generate income.  Numerous pig and chicken farms were also sponsored.
In additional to these small business opportunities, each year our sponsored children who graduate from senior high school have the opportunity to be trained in areas of their interest and have funds provided to start them in small businesses of their own.  We pay for training, purchase of tools of trade, rent shop space etc.  We have had many children become hair dressers, tailors, mechanics etc through this initiative.