Education Sponsorship

Our charity runs an education sponsorship progamme for very poor children in Karangasem in the east of Bali. Generous individuals from all over Australia sponsor the childrens' educational needs on an annual basis and our charity provides the children with clothing, personal hygiene products and stationery on our twice yearly visits to Bali.  Education is so important and our sponsorship programme offers a life changing opportunity for children who would otherwise not receive an education. It is a truly rewarding experience for all concerned.
                                                                           Cost:     $300-00                   Junior High School -  Classes 1, 2 & 3

                                                                                        $350-00                   Senior High School - Classes 1, 2 & 3 

The sponsorship program is run with the assistance our fantastic co-ordinator Bambang.  Bambang has spent many years assisting the very poor in various villages across Karangsem and now works for us assessing children for entry into our sponsorship program. The children in this program are all from the Karangasem Regency in the East of Bali.  This is a very poor region and many families struggle to send their children to school. Some of the children are orphans, others live with one parent, Aunts, Uncles or Grandparent/s.  Many have lost their fathers and/or mothers and when the surviving parent goes on to remarry they have no room for the children in their new life.  The children are then sent to elderly grandparents who struggle to support them since there is no government assistance available. We have several instances of orphaned siblings who live alone with the oldest taking on the parenting responsibilities. 

The sponsorship money paid covers education expenses for one year including, school fees, books, uniform & shoes and the levies that are imposed on the students as they move into high school, sit graduation exams & attend compulsory extra study in the lead up to exams.  In some instances the money will also allow for your child to go on school excursions which would otherwise be out of their reach.  Many of the children walk 5kms or more to school and back each day in all weather conditions.  We have some children walking a 30km round trip 6 days a week. If there are sufficient funds available after the payment of the years school fees we also allow the purchase of additional shoes, rain gear etc if it is required. 

Initially, the sponsor family will receive a Personal Data sheet on their child together with a photo. There is only one sponsor allocated to each child. 

The sponsored children are invited to join Lia and Carol, any sponsors who make the trip to Bali and a dedicated band of Balinese helpers for a day of fun in the grounds of a hotel or resort in Candi Dasa every 6 months (June & Nov) when we visit to assist our causes over there.  The children are given lunch, fruit, ice creams etc and treated to a day of fun & games, song & dance and social interaction with other Balinese children.  The children get to know each other as they all come from different villages all over Karangasem.

Each child receives a showbag of treats and also toiletries (including soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant etc on each visit (supplied by funds from our charity).  All girls where applicable will receive 6 months supply of sanitary napkins. We take updated photos of the children which are sent to their sponsors on our return home. These events allow us to follow each child’s personal development. 

Sponsors have the option at party day of supplying their child with a fantastic food hamper to take home to their families.  The cost is $25-00 ea ($50-00 for the year) and represents fantastic value. The families love them!  They contain a variety of items such as rice, noodles, cooking oil, salt, sugar, coffee, chili, shrimp paste, toothpaste & brushes, soap, mosquito coils, washing paste, body lotion and many other items.  The parcel is packed in a large plastic bowl called a "daily life bowl" which the families use for carting water, washing in, carrying items etc.

Each child is advised who their sponsor family is and will correspond with them. Bambang translates the children’s letters into English before mailing them and also translates sponsors letters into Bahasa Indonesia before delivery to the children. 

Each of our sponsored children are able to take advantage of free classes in English, Japanese, traditional Balinese dance, music and computing at our community centre Bale Mitch Gillam in Seraya or at another of our facilities, Rumah Carolia II in Subagan.  These classes are conducted on weekends so as many children as possible can participate if they wish.

Each sponsor family is most welcome to visit their sponsor child at their home in their village and/or their child’s school if they wish to go there. 

It is our hope that each family will sponsor their child from Elementary or Junior through to completion of Senior High School.

As of December 2014 The Carolia Charity Inc has had approx 750 children benefit from our sponsorship program and of those who graduated senior high school almost 100% have been gainfully employed in a variety of positions including administration, hospitality & sales whilst others have been trained and assisted to set up small businesses of their own.

 We believe this is a truly worthwhile project.  It is amazing how such a small amount of money by our standards can make such a difference to a young child’s life.  Education is so important and with the continued generosity of individuals we hope to provide this opportunity to as many children as possible.

If you'd like to sponsor a child please contact us.