Kuta Beach Day

We treat approximately 200 children and their carers from various orphanages across Bali to an activity day on Kuta Beach every 6 months. Three or four orphanages are chosen each party day by our valued colleague Yayuk.  We are progressively working through as many Balinese orphanages as possible so all the children get the opportunity at some stage to experience a fun day at the beach.

We arrange the transportation, supply lunch, drinks, ice creams etc, hire boogie boards and play a variety of games with the children throughout the day. The day is entirely for the children to enjoy - many go for walks along the beach, others lay under the trees and rest and some want to talk and just enjoy the company of others. The children usually sing and/or dance for us and other tourists walking by.

When the children leave the beach mid afternoon they all receive a bag containing toiletries (tooth brush, tooth paste, soap. comb & shampoo) and a range of treats including milk, biscuits, sausage, chips, etc.

Some of these children travel a 5 hour round trip for their day at the beach and they always tell us that it's the best day of their lives.