Rumah Carolia

August 2011 saw the purchase of Rumah Carolia in Subagan, Amlapura.  This was possible only through the amazing generosity of three business couples who donated the funds which allowed us to purchase the house and undertake renovations.  The house will serve the following purposes:-
  • As our office in Bali – Indri, our assistant to Bambang, our project co-ordinator, is now on site full time carrying out administrative duties
  • As a clinic for medical & dental check ups of our children by Bali Kids 1 mobile clinic throughout the year – There has already been a clinic there since August.
  • As a sewing centre for some exciting projects that are on the drawing board at present and which will benefit thousands of poor individuals in villages across Karangasem and indeed,  eventually, all of our sponsored children.  As a meeting point for sponsors, Bambang & children if required.  There has already been some sewing going on with more planned.  We have a couple of children interested in tailors courses and shortly we will be altering our sponsor children’s school uniforms as required which will save a lot of money.
  • As accommodation for children in our program who live remote and have to walk between 10 & 30kms round trips to school each day – they will be accommodated through the week and sent home on weekends to be with their families. Next year (2012) will see the first of the children being accommodated during the week. 
  • As accommodation for children with extremely ill parent/s, children living at risk in their family home and those who become orphaned (we currently have several children affected by these issues)
  • As an activity centre for children in our program on weekends – to catch up, socialise, play games etc
  • As a learning centre for our children i.e.  computing, English lessons, environmental lessons as in teaching the children to keep their villages and streets clean, not to throw litter away, look after their waterways etc – One project “Go Green Tauka 2011” has already been initiated by Bambang & Semadi in the village of Tauka with great success & enthusiasm by the children.  The children spend time on Sundays picking up non-organic rubbish around their villages, cleaning their waterways, planting trees and flowers and promoting “free from plastics”.  Hopefully this project will extend into many other areas including the main tourist centres in Amlapura City, Candi Dasa etc.  If we can educate this generation then hopefully they will educate the next. Tauke is currently implementing a village/communal fish farm and we are hoping to use the village as a pilot to initiate a communal vegetable/fruit farm in the future.  If we can get these operating here under Semadi’s expert supervision & iron out any problems then we are hopeful of extending this project into other villages also.


In November 2013 we were offered the opportunity to lease another house directly opposite Rumah Carolia .  Rumah Carolia was accommodating 6 girls at that stage and there was a need for another property where we could replicate the classes being offered at Bale Mitch Gillam in Seraya so that many more of our children could enjoy the benefits.  The lease on Rumah Carolia 2 is AUD600 per year for 5 years.  We currently have English, Japanese, computing, traditional Balinese Dance and music being taught free of charge to our children here with Carolia paying the monthly wages of the teachers.

In July 2014 it was decided that Rumah Carolia 2 would also accommodate one extremely intelligent boy who was walking many, many kms to and from school 6 days a week. Wayan can now concentrate on his studies without the added stress of walking all those kms to school and struggling with lighting etc at home to complete his homework.