Project Seraya

2012 saw the initiation of a building project in Seraya whereby we renovate/repair the poorest homes and build new homes where necessary.  The charity, in co-operation with A Mitch Gillam Project and through donations from the public  purchase the materials required and teams of locals volunteer their time to carry out the work.  Overseas visitors and sponsors are welcome to visit Bali and work alongside local villagers to build or renovate these homes. 

Our co-ordinator Bambang  assesses homes and families in Karangasem Regency for entry into this project.  Projects, depending on what work is actually required will range from $400-$900.  These projects offer a life changing opportunity for those who benefit from them, most importantly, an immediate improvement in their living conditions and ultimately their health.

If you would like to assist by financially adopting a project or by volunteering your time to help build please contact us.


As of 1st April 2012 a total of 34 building projects had been adopted by generous sponsors.  Our first trial  build was over Easter 2012 with a further build in July 2012.  These were followed by a mass build over 2 weeks in December (1st - 15th) 2012 involving many volunteers from Western Australia.   Thank you so much to those of you who have supported this initiative todate.

As of 28th May 2012  41 building projects had been sponsored, of which, 19 had already been completed. 

On Saturday 16th June 2012 a large group of sponsors and supporters visited Seraya to view firsthand, completed projects, projects underway and lay a brick or two.  They also visited the site for a community centre which was to begin construction in December 2012 to benefit the whole community.  The group also visited some Serayan families and also the newly funded weaving co-op which is helping support 21 families.

December 2013: Approx 100 houses have been built in Seraya and surrounding districts  with approx another 25 in progress.  Thank you so much to everyone who has sponsored a build to date. This is a life changing opportunity for those families who have no roof over their head (or a very poor one at most) who live in extremely harsh conditions and suffer health problems as a result.  It has been heartwarming to see the support we have received and to have many of our sponsors visit the homes and the families they have assisted.

December 2014:   Approx 150 houses have been built with more proposals currently being processed by Bambang, our co-ordinator.  Thanks to all our wonderful sponsors.  It's great to see so many of you visiting the families you have assisted.

As at June 2017 187 houses have been completed. Thanks sponsors!