Carolia Medical Centre

 Many thousands live remote and/or without the resources to travel to doctors or hospitals in the event of a medical emergency.  Many women's pregnancies go unchecked until delivery and even then some have their children in their villages without medical attention.  There are many instances of burns, skin irritations, accidents etc and without the funds to visit a doctor or chemist, locals are left to suffer.

With this in mind, a quite comprehensive first aid post/clinic is going to be set up at Bale Mitch Gillam in Seraya, under the supervision of a qualified nurse.  In the very near future Carolia will be employing Himan Huda, who is a former sponsor child, and who has now graduated nursing & midwifery.  Hilman will return to Karangasem and be responsible for the stocking the first aid clinic with supplies, treating patients, arranging for doctor or hospital visits where necessary, vistiing pregnant women for check ups and the general sharing of iinformation, co-ordinating baby health checks, conducting personal hygiene workshops for children & sex education workshops for teenagers.  Hilman's duties will be many and he will also carry out workshops at Rumah Carolia so many more children will benefit from his knowledge.

We are very excited to be in a position to be employing such a dedicated and talented young man.


Hilman Huda - Nurse/Midwife

In addition to Hilman's services there has long been a great need for a vehicle to transport those patients suffering  medical emergencies  or women who go in to delivery or suffering complications to hospital.

In December 2014, through allocations from fundraising events we were able to purchase a vehicle.  In addition to the above uses the vehicle will also be used to transport those individuals with mental and/or physical challenges to Bale Mitch Gillam for workshops, activities or therapy as programs are introduced.

The vehicle will also be available for sponsor visits to children, house builds, Bale Mitch Gillam and other Carolia activities.