The Permaculture Centre

Our newest is the John Hughes Permaculture Farm which was established in 2015. Prior to his passing in September 2014 John, our former Chairman, was researching sustainable farming options such as hydroponics, aquaponics and permaculture, for villages in Karangasem. 

After discussions with IDEP (Indonesian Development of Education and Permaculture) it was decided that permaculture would be the most suitable option for the conditions of Karangasem. One of the benefits of this type of farming is that it is much more economical and allows for a lot of recycling of plastics and other materials.

A large range of fruit and vegetables will be grown and catfish will be farmed. Many, many years ago sorgum was a staple grain in the diet of locals and it was phased out in favour of quick growing rice crops. Bambang has a dream to reintroduce sorgum to the community. The facility also contains fertilizing and composting compounds, and seed cultivation areas. 

The farm is fully operational now and the plan is that we can use this model to set up similar farms in other villages.  Once a farm is established in another village, that village will be responsible for working their farm and will directly benefit by way of the supply of fresh food and the ability to generate a small income. 

The John Hughes Permaculture Farm is used as a training facility and every weekend groups of our sponsor children (and indeed other children) volunteer their time carrying out various duties and learning all about farming.  Many have already taken seedlings back to their homes and are now growing vegetables for their families.

Below you can see the layout of the farm. 

Site Plan